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A sensible update

Four things to add today to make my LJ more than just meaningless quiz results.

1. Had interesting near death experience on the M6 today coming home. Not caused by ice or speeding - just crappy driving by a Lynx lorry. I was following a Skoda Felicia, musing quietly about plays on the name, when the Skoda moved to undertake a very slow-moving lorry in the middle lane. At this point, said dozy lorry who had previously ample opportunity to move into the empty slow lane, decided to pull across. Now, for those who don't know the M6 near Junction 6 - it is on a bloody great flyover and has no hard-shoulder at the moment as they are doing roadworks. The Skoda driver, remaining remarkably calm, reacts to being forced off the road by breaking and mounting the kerb (approx 5' from a 30' drop). I brake, and as we're both going sensible speeds there are no problems, and the Lynx truck pulls back into the middle lane quite sheepishly and carrys on northwards.

I've wondered for a while about being in a proper car accident - but I'd rather get the damage from the previous one sorted out soon. Last update on which is that I've had a copy from the insurance company of the other party's diagram. This suggest that there was a slow speed head on collision. I sent them a note pointing out:

  1. I have a dent from the corner of her bumper in the centre of my bonnet. This was not direct head-on.

  2. I was stopped, and had been for a couple of seconds.

  3. There was no left and right lane. Also seems to be missing a couple of parked cars...

We'll see.

2. I am win! I have managed to put two slides on Counterstrike into the presentation I'm doing on Thursday. Plus a slide on a Game Boy Advance. I'll work out what these have to do with teaching and learning using ICT before then...

On the minus side from work - no-one wants to pay for me to work the week after next - so I might be forced to have another week of leave. Boo. Suggestions on a postcard...

3. Boots and sleeping bag packed off to get to B-Movie on Friday. Hopefully the three parts of my London luggage (me; boots/sleeping bag; dinner jacket) which are all travelling by different means will meet up...

4. Have continued New Year kinda-Resolution of talking to people more honestly. Loss of friends count still zero as far as I know. Good :-)

That will be all.

Oh, except cheers to boglin for both carriage, tea, and for trying to arrange Whitby ticket. ephraim take note.

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