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100 inspirations from John

I thought ephraim's was fab - but rather than be totally original - and as I'm fascinated by small worlds, I've decided to use his 100 as inspiration for mine... and linking my responses to his.

1. My middle name is Asher
2. I have lived in 7 different houses spread in the same country in my 28 years.
3. I've a number of favourite authors, but ones I keep going back to include Iain (M) Banks and Julian May.
4. I am a Scorpio (fear my sting!)
5. I've been swimming (my mother is convinced I could do it quite well), shooting (shotgun once, airsoft more often) and hockey (a bit at school but any promising career *cough* was ruined by playing too much against my primary school headmaster who could get away with going for the shins.).
6. I was born in Southampton.
7. I once got given a book complete with plastic runes which fishthecat picked up from work.
8. I joined the university rock society and helped found the goth society.
9. I almost failed to emerge from university with a qualification.
10. I attended a private school on a scholarship.
11. I like trees, except when skiing..
12. I try to consider fun to be important.
13. I kinda believe in something. I like the idea of re-incarnation.
14. I was almost a Teacher.
15. I try to boycott Nestle.
16. I often flirt with dependency on coffee which keeps interfering with 15, and makes me ill.
17. I sometimes wish that I was younger so I'd have more exciting techie toys to play with during my retirement.
18. I don't have a favourite colour. I wear black cos it allows me to be lazy when picking and co-ordinating clothes.
19. My feelings of completeness vary.
20. I occasionally write. More often I get paid to do so.
21. My childhood ambitions included Lawyer, Actuary and Teacher. Spot the geek inherent in the system.
22. I am a lapsed catholic.
23. I consider myself responsible for breaking my own wrist twice (I can't blame the tree, and I should've known skateboarding is best done on a games console)
24. It is an ambition of mine to visit Japan.
25. My favourite smell is probably related to cheese.
26. I used to be in the school and church choirs.
27. I once went to a fancy dress competition as a viking.
28. For a while I couldn't touch raw meat.
29. I never used to enjoy cross-country running.
30. I quite like cats and dogs. Bitey rats and snakes scare me.
31. Numbers are much more interesting when they involve i.
32. Architecture and how mechanical locks work fascinates me.
33. I find aiming straight with projectile or missile weapon very difficult. A RP character of mine once had a thing for thrown sharpened hat pins.
34. I was once asked to add tech to a band. But of course it never happened.
35. No relative of mine has ever done anything especially noteworthy.
36. I have had long hair for 9 of the past 11 years. I looked silly with short hair. Except to sixtine, but she's funny.
37. My current favourite pause is "frankly".
38. I consider "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to be the quite amusing, but sometimes a bit samey.
39. London is growing on me. Not sure I want to live there ever mind.
40. I once won a signed Fighting Fantasy book. (Number 18 - Rebel Planet)
41. I can give or take Christmas.
42. Australia is the place that I have most enjoyed visiting.
43. My hair is departing the top of my head..
44. I am better at having ideas than starting or finishing things.
45. I can listen to a lot of music. I used to hate Jazz, but have somewhat mellowed.
46. I like to take opportunities to be seditious.
47. I try to be an ethical consumer.
48. I'm not very good at being an ethical consumer.
49. I find women with odd hair intensely attractive.
50. I am undecided on religion. I don't like a lot about churches (instituions mainly).
51. I can't embroider. But I can cut large numbers of identical tabards.
52. I adore red sunsets.
53. I haven't been to the Middle East. .
54. Women have influenced my use of apostrophes.
55. I still hate Margeret Thatcher for her taste in hairstyles.
56. I almost died on the M6, and the M5.
57. I love technology, especially gadgets.
58. I am very bad at coping with silence.
59. I used to DJ in a club.
60. Moths don't scare me. snakes however.
61. I am one of the most disorganised people I know.
62. I get angry with Americanisation.
63. I despise Tom Hanks hair.
64. I'd like to be Terence Stamp when I'm older.
65. I prefer Sans Serif to Serif fonts.
66. I sometimes dislike myself, especially when I think too much.
67. I prefer spirits (the drinks not the ghosts).
68. I can still walk.
69. I don't watch American football a lot, but find solace in sport when I should be revising for exams.
70. I have a few favourite bands - including NMA, Front 242 and EN.
71. I occasionally like to cook, and haven't poisoned anyone yet.
72. I can drive (legally).
73. I like natural features. Generally.
74. I don't own, nor worship Cthulhu.
75. I believe that comics are an artform.
76. I have worked professionally with Tony Robinson. (Very very loosely).
77. I drink Newcastle Brown Ale to get drunk quickly.
78. I'd like to believe that carrots make your eyesight better.
79. I support Southampton, kinda, in sympathy with my family.
80. I was once asked if I was Robin Hood.
81. I will see if I can unwrap a mars bar with my tongue (a talent that I only just discovered).
82. I can recite my address by heart.
83. I once had a drinking contest with boglin. We're going to have a rematch to finally humilate me.
84. I've never wrecked anything deliberately..
85. I once caused a boy at school to scream loudly and run off the premises. I avoided getting blamed for that especially, but the next time he did it when I was totally innocent I wasn't so lucky.
86. I once gave a dead squid a friend for its birthday. (Ok - I'm allowed one lie - it's getting to the end and I have a budget meeting to go to!)
87. As a child I had a magic set.
88. A couple of times I sailed a dinghy. Last time I and friend crashed into a hugely expensive catamaran at the mouth of the Solent, capsized then limped home.
89. I've never lurked anywhere with intent.
90. I've never been arrested. I've often wondered what the experience would be like mind...
91. I've never knowingly broken my nose.
92. My schools were all run by monks.
93. I have been accused of being Australian.
94. I can really give or take pre-raphaelite art.
95. Me and priests - best forgotten.
96. I despise sweetcorn on its own, but can eat it in "vegetarian food".
97. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, which often seems to cause me problems.
98. I've considered politics, but mainly due to the power trip.
99. I prefer chocolate ice cream to vanilla ice cream.
100. I don't have a favourite film. Instead I am fickle and buy many interesting DVDs.

100 questions ago this seemed like a good idea...
Now, will this creation have life of its own?

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