Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

So, last week...

Well, the work bit was dull; the company bits were better. Saturday was His Dark Materials with loads of people. Enjoyable, not as good as last year's production IMO, mostly free of stress and good to see people.

In the spirit of good PR I had dinner with one of my colleagues - who I'd not got on especially well with. This worked too well - Friday night she was on MSN, probably a bit drunk, telling me about her friend who had gotten involved in the swinging scene. Erm, right, yes.

Of course, not wanting to waste the fact I took my camera with me I did take a few photos, behind the cut for your delictation :

From my hotel room at night:

My boss looking slightly bemused in a pink/red boa at a post-BETT party:

Foyer entertainment at the National Theatre:

And from a couple of weeks ago... smittumi


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