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I have done some work - well - only a bit and that's not what I'm excited about. I've done things for other people, and they've done things for me - perfectly well rounded.

Firstly I had a meeting with a guy from a big Graduate Teaching school - and mentioned "my mate smittumi" and have a phone number and a couple of names for him.
Then I have sent Paula (my contact at BMG) a lovely photo of Scott Weiland. After she pointed out she liked the photo on the BBC (proving she does check the links!) I sent her the larger version. She reckons that "he's crammed a bratwurst down there". What do you think? (Link)
Finally I have found out how quondam can get a new car key.

Then, in karmic balance I've been asked to shoot a gig on Monday for the Radio 1 website, submit another photo to a magazine and have secured my photo pass for PWEI tomorrow night.

Of course, this means my German is going to suffer, and they're probably not going to pay, but it's good exposure.

Tickets for Tuesday night (The Others) have arrived so that's gigs Monday and Tuesday, York on Wednesday, Pack on Thursday, (potential) Gig on Friday, flight Saturday 7:30am. I wonder what I'll be doing in the evenings on holiday...

Oh, and the Velvet Revolver review is online on the BBC, myself and zoec.

And anyone else up for Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister Double-Bill in November?

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