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My life in a Cinema

Oooh, my bottom is numb with the amount of sitting around on cinema seats that I've done recently, but before I go back and talk more about my rear I should catch up with some of the exciting things I've done this last week.

From Velvet Revolver on Tuesday nothing particularly happened until Friday, where there was a treat of a wonderful Beowulf at the Storytelling Cafe in Solihull, told by Hugh Lupton. Hugh did a really good job, aided by some wonderful instruments and a real enthusiasm for what he was doing. It did unfortunately remind me that learning Storytelling is one of things I meant to do at some point. Oh well, I'm not dead yet.

After this it was a quick change then off to blind some goths by wearing white in a UV-positive environment. Nice to see those people that were out, but to be honest I was left a little dulled by the music which is getting a bit "same-old, same-old" - pax_draconis reckons I go too often - a situation that will be remedied by a few weeks off.

Yesterday was OU in the morning, which seems like it's going to take over my life. Looks like instead if procrastinating on the net or skiing I should be spending my life working on that. I'll start, erm, later.

Then in the afternoon I went with dreamfire to see Closer. As soon as the trailers started I was worried I'd inadvertently blundered into Notting Hell, as they were all for rom-coms and other tedious shite. However, I needn't have worried as it was a whole lot darker, more cynical and better written than the average tripe. Well recommended, even if the male leads both suffered from mostly being unable to act. Jude Law can't seem to cover his inadequacies or ever sound sincere, and Clive Owen "When he's good he's very very good, but when he's bad he's rotten".

Last night was a brief visit to the PWEI gig (see last post) which sounded pretty good, and it's always amusing to see crowd surfing and there was small stage-invasion - not seen one of those for a while.

This morning I bounced out of bed and off to the cinema for a does of Jennifer Garner as Elektra. Some pretty bits - worthy almost of chinese epic cinema, but overall a nice bit of fluff that didn't live up to its potential. The villians were pretty 2D and, well, frankly not min-maxing enough; though anything with Terence "Kneel before Zod!" Stamp gets extra points from me!

Now this epic entry is almost ever, and I'll gloss over the rat-vet trip for the moment as I must get some breakfast before tidying the house and getting ready for more PWEI tonight...

Oh and of course I've failed to get NIN tickets this weekend, but I'm not terribly bothered, aren't prepared to fund the kitten-killing touts and have my plans. One of the more amusing things about Elektra was the Orwellian "Ignorance Is No Excuse" of the FACT advert. That told me eh!

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