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So, from a land of ice and snow to a land of rain and tarmac. Mind you there's probably not a lot of difference between low-land Switzerland and the Midlands, except that it's often slightly warmer here and the architecture is more interesting.

I could ramble for a while about snow, the eating of..., the getting of inside ones skiwear and the difference between travelling across pistes on skis and on bottoms - but I'll save you all that. I've not even got (another) mega photo post of mountains and swiss dumpsters (coming soon).

Maybe I should post when I'm not slightly annoyed about having had a pass pulled at the last minute for Rammstein tonight - it's not so much the "No" but more the "Yes... oh, no, we've changed our mind!" that brings a slightly dark cloud into my sky. Still, lucky I have a ticket - so shall still be going to the ball without the worry that my baby will be reduced to a pile of slag by a badly aimed pyrotechnic.

Skiing soon :-)

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