Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Oh look! I've been to Nottigham again!

Ok, so maybe driving back was a bit of a mistake as I nearly ran a red light and had some "long blinks" on the M42 on the way home; but after spending most of yesterday on the motorway I was ready for bed to be honest.

Still, a chance to reprise my role as "The only straight in the village" at Nightmare, try to stay awake during an OU tutorial and spending the afternoon in a room full of "Boy Musk" (©barrettyman) "glorifying war through LAN gaming".

Nightmare wasn't as much fun as the last one, partly because berrega passed on some "good news"; but I will be clear it had nothing to do with his description of him opening his door on Friday to "beautiful people (holaholaamigos,zevbofb3k and sapphrine) and you". Cheers :-P

In revenge I took some pictures of him DJing and quondam. Behind the cut to save your sanity. More soon, possibly. But then I always say that.


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