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Well that was pleasant. I'm assured that the support sounded so crap because - well, their sound mix was crap. I suppose that makes some sense, but it seems odd that Nightwish chose to be supported by a clone of themselves. Unless that's just "wot-the-kids-wont" these days.

The most pleasant surprise was being able to shoot the whole set rather than just three songs, and being allowed to use flash (though of course I didn't have mine with me and probably wouldn't have anyway. It'll make going through the photos a good first job for the new "critique" custom friends list as I filled a 2GB CF card on Nightwish alone, and then snuck a couple more from the balcony.

Hello to all who I saw or passed by, but special mention to upcoming supermodel frozen_wishes who I've not spoken to for ages.

Oh, and ephraim was impressed so there must have been something going on.

And here's what you've all be waiting for/dreading (depending on your LJ style) - Tarja's underwear

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