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Holiday Snaps!

Apparently I'm a camera snob, so on the last holiday I made the effort to take steps to remedy this. The first was the purchase of a Canon IXUS 500 and leaving the camera-that-weighs-more-than-hand-luggage at home.

I mostly cheated, and persuaded quondam to take on "snapping" duties, but I did take a couple. Behind the cut are two panoramas that will break your LJ style.

More stories soon, maybe, including a number of puns on "O Canada" (as seems to be the official national tat marketing policy). None of these capture the irony of landing in Manchester where there was more snow than at Calgary when the plane took off.

So, these are my skis. This shot was mainly taken for me to see if I could grip my poles between my knees, take off my gloves, get the camera out of my bag, take a photo, then replace everything before the chair lift reached the top.

This shot (with my reflection in the helmet) was designed to see if I could use the camera, with associated bag trauma, while on the back of a moving snowmobile. After my initial fears I won by scaring quondam more than she scared me.

Top of the Glacier Express Gondola in Lake Louise, AL.

From the top of the Mount Standish lift in Sunshine Village, AL.
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