Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Impressions of Impressedness

As the memory of the holiday fades as fast as the jet-lag, it was time to go and preten I understood the power of global branding, I mean French, at Cirque du Soleil.

It was very good, despite being at Star City, and gave me the urge to create something beautiful - and if anyone wants to buy me the book of photographs taken from "O" at Bellagio then they're most welcome to do so.

The show itself was the usual (?) mix of Physical Comedy and Acrobatics. I much prefer the latter, but the former surprised me by not grating too much. There are some very strong and flexible people out there in the world it must be said, and it gave me arthritis just watching some of it.

Then failed spectacularly to get to HoG after getting distracted by Edwards - which was that odd level of "busy" where it would have filled the little downstairs room, but rattled in the upstairs. strangegothdude reminded me I have photos to do, and scratchmeharder gave me ideas which was cool.

Today started well, with me triggering the alarm running to get the postman at the front door :-/

Now, to procrastinate some more.

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