Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Ah! Fresh Meat!

Despite flirting with The Fear of London earlier in the week I bravely made my way south once more for the faetal album-launch-extravaganza (how do you pronounce that Frank?!). It was interesting, and I mean that not in a not-very-good-but-being-polite way, but actually as technically interesting and challenging. I did go along pretty much solely to shoot the gig, which was made more interesting by the appalling red light that seemed to be pretty much the only option which pretty much forced me to commit flash crimes all night. This meant the paranoia grew about the quality of shots, and I had neither a USB cable nor a PCMCIA CF reader with me so couldn't even check before bed. Having looked the results are a bit 35-65 against (meaning they mostly suck), and it really made me yearn for decently lit venues. Thanks to digital_deviant for the invite anyway.

Erm, that's about it really, except a hello to sparksoflight and trauma_pet who have joined the ranks of my readership, and to put up some pics. More in a couple of weeks. You'll see what I mean about suck with the one below and the three behind the cut.

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