November 28th, 2002


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Chipper - what a fantastic mood that is!

Anyway, I'm feeling "Chipper" as I started the day with a success - successfully navigating my headlight mechanism to put a new bulb in. Now, that might not be a great success to the practically minded but humour me eh!

Last night I felt really awful - headache, tired. I slept most of the way home and only a couple of emergency stops by Tim who was driving brought me out of my stupor. Then got home to find bellagrim had brought me some "diagnostic tools" for my PC. This was qutie handy, and a couple of hours of messing around ("Damn SCSI CD-ROMs won't boot!") I have a working version of ME where there was once XP. And Warcraft III worked!!

So, the next thing will be to rebuild again, with the right OSes on the right partitions. I also have to decide whether to send my motherboard back. I should, as the onboard sound is screwed, but I'm not using that. However, if its indicative of other problems.

Its absolutely nuts that getting software to work is such hard going. How society is going to embrace PCs and broadband is totally beyond me when you buy stuff, it doesn't work, then its your fault is mad...

The conference I was at last week was talking about getting more people on broadband and making money from selling content. Apparenlty micropayments doesn't work - but the percieved reliability of the system must be close to 100% before people spend lots of money on it - yet the market is moving away from integrating delivery. Schools are being sold content now, and rather than be sent to them it's their responsibility to get it across the Internet. So the supplier reduces there costs, consumers get frustrated and confidence in the whole system suffers.

In the future it'll be as straightforward as TV - put up an aerial and buy one of a million different choices of set - but that aint the case now.

Rant over - time to go and see if the boss is about and whether he's written my reference yet...

Oh, if you've got this far - can anyone offer crash in London should I make it down for the B-Movie doo-dah in a couple of weeks? I might arrange a work trip so I'm there and have my travel paid for ;-) ? Appropriarte bribes might be possible...
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Another go...

The long-running, nay epic, saga of Simon's new job continutes. I've just had another 45 minutes with my boss, who was his usual friendly and approachable self. Obviously he comes from the school of management where you play things very cool and take credit for the anything that's gone right in your life...

"Remember that time you got to write that report at the last minute?" "I let you do that."
"Remember that time you got to go to that meeting?" "I let you do that."
"Remember that time you had a particularly good night's sleep?" "I let you do that."
"Remember that time you ****ed that ****?" "I let you do that."

I went in with conversation mode set to candid and said my piece. He didn't give me anything.

"Ah yes, that training you asked for about 6 months ago? I'll let you do what you asked me to let you and pay a generous 50%"
"Salary? I can't talk about that."
"Contract Length? Still in-hand but I can't offer anything yet."
"Notice period? I'm not going to talk about that until you actually resign."

I'm quietly livid. Quiet because I don't want to annoy the other people in the office, but definitely livid. In any case, he's helped me make the decision. Looks like I'm off - as long as the last couple of pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

I've only got two cards left to play. One is the secondment I'm trying to secure, the other is when I actually hand my notice in. Playing silly games I know - but what the heck - if work continues to be shit I can work on my social life.

Have at least secured work trip to London on the 13th - so B-Movie Club here I come - probably ;-)
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