January 17th, 2003


Last Day at work

Here it is. My last day at Becta.

Of course, last day is a bit of a misnomer as I've got a whole load of contract work already set up with Becta to keep me in toys - if I work a whole week I can either put it in the savings fund to buy a house, or blow it on an iPod and a flat screen monitor.

Plus the Chief Exec has now put me off twice for an exit interview - so I'll go back and see him, and also to return the load of Becta junk I've got in the house....

Had another irritating trip to London - irritating because I was reminded exactly how little my boss has done about extending the contracts for my team - another one asked me to be a referee yesterday. I've half a mind to speak my mind to him in an email today. Actually more than half - pretty much a full mind.
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I am win!

For a moment there I thought I was in trouble...

Down the pub, and the obligatory "Here are nice things I can say about you" from one of my colleagues, (My boss had just told me to "Be Good" (!) over the phone) and he pulls out a wad of printed web pages.

"We don't know a lot about you" (deliberate move on my part!) "so we looked on the web".

At this point my heart skips a beat and I worry he's found "me" on the Internet. Fortunately he hasn't, and comes out with a kinda-amusing list of other people who share my name.

Quite frankly the last thing I wanted was for my illustrious LRP career to be brought up for all to see - but I survived and now am the proud owner of some Waterstones vouchers and this, which is very very cool and goes with the Sith Infiltrator I got given when I left my last place.

Except I'm not really gone as next week I have the option of fitting in about 11 days of consultancy. As well as the toys I mentioned earlier I'm very very tempted with this...
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