January 20th, 2003


Foreign Language Music Videos

I've just returned from a distracting couple of hours watching what can best be described as a foreign language music video - and no gentle reader I wasn't just watching a look of my favourite tATu mpeg (the best quality video I have has a Russian soundtrack).

Instead I lost myself in "8Mile" - a certain Mr Eminem's latest video - I mean of course motion picture. Now, I'm not a great fan of gun-toting, homophobic rappers, but that of course isn't a problem - as the film was very clearly "pro gay" and "anti gun", so he must have changed his politics. And lets just put aside the rap bit for a second.

I really didn't want to like Eminem, but the odd track has grown on me, probably thanks to Kerrang TV, so I went with a bit of an open mind - and I have learnt valuable lessons:

  1. Don't stuff a loaded gun down your pants

  2. Bingo can pay

  3. Do your own thing

  4. Blonde hair and heavily made-up eyes might look nice, but there will only be trouble

  5. Vicious kickings leave only one small cut and a bit of eyeshadow "Not the face!"

  6. Vests are cool again

  7. Wear a beanie hat under your hoodie

  8. If you're bored - start a spontaneous rapping competition to help pass the time

  9. Be good at work and you'll be ok.

  10. Be nice to the token gay black and he'll cover for you while you sneak off to win the rapping battle.

Why foreign language though I hear you say? Well it would really have benefited from subtitles...

So there we go - evening well spent. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I will watch the lovely Dune DVD which I had for Christmas at some point.
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