January 27th, 2003


First Day at Work

M40 - Bleurgh!

Apart from the driving the job seemed ok I have a laptop, another mobile phone, another email address, another firewall to get pissed at. Took me half an hour to work around the system policy on the laptop to put my own background on it. I tried to get Trillian to work, but failed - so ICQ is the best I can do at the moment. No POP3 access in, or any way of getting email whilst off-site except for RAS! In this day and age they expect me to dial-up!! Unbelievable.

Met a number of people. Some of them I might even be line-managing - but I don't know who yet. Arranged my first visit to a school for tomorrow am. Decided I need an early night. Rapidly attempting to arrange a meeting at old-work on Friday so I don't have to drive down after a night on the tiles with "da-goths".

Finally, as I approach complete incoherence, muchos apologies to ephraim for getting confused between "Copy" and "Cut" and running off with the only copy of half his MP3 files...

Bleurgh. Bed soon. M40 calling me - I can hear the gentle rumble now...
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