February 2nd, 2003



It started like a normal weekend morning (weekdays are unfortunately very different) - stumbling downstairs to check what delights my computer will bring me, and then I noticed that a bit more of the chair was chewed than had been last night. "Eh?" I thought. Then I go to investigate more. "That's a new hole".

The rats had escaped!

Strange though, there was no sign of tampering, or a way out of the cage, but still 6 of the 9 rats were running free around the lounge, and from the amount they drank when they were put back they were getting a bit dehydrated.

All is well now mind, and I should really get on with something more productive. After all, that was hours ago and apart from putting in a bit more CS time, and sorting out the paperwork for car tax, I've not done anything else productive...
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