February 4th, 2003


Near Death Experiences

This morning was in one way lovely. I got up, had a shower and shave, and drove a massive 4 miles to work. This is in so many ways good. Yesterday it was 75...

However, clearly I broke some local rule this morning by driving counter-clockwise around Oxford rather than clockwise. I had no less than 4 encouners with oncoming traffic which nearly ended in automotive death. Its cold here, a bit of ice on the windscreen, but not the snow pax_draconis has been navigating. So, this is why people can drive over blind narrow humpback bridges at 40, sweep on the school run around the single lane roads with no care for oncoming traffic and parked vehicles, head straight down the middle of the road through the traffic calming with a determined impression and finally overtake a cyclist while going uphill and around a corner.


Read some of the Amber rules last night, in between trying to remember jfs character name from GD. I might even read some of the books now. Suggestions to bother/not to bother?
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Issues and Risks

First thing this morning my boss called me and the others-who-work-with-me for a meeting. He told them that I was now line-managing them all. This led to mixed reactions. Of the three, they're all older than me, almost certaiinly paid less than me, and in two of the three cases have more experience in the field. Ignoring B, who is pretty chilled about the whole thing there are two - D and N. D has been working here for years, is an ex-Teacher, knows everyone etc. I get the impresison he's happy to carry on as is and probably expects to carry on semi-automously without any fuss. It'll just be someone else approving his leave... N however - short term contract left and more importantly there was a thud when his jaw hit the floor. I suspect he'll be my "problem" - but I should try to avoid preconceptions and see how it goes.

Now, where did I put that management manual?
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