February 16th, 2003


Catching Up

I seem to be back in the UK. Also, I seem to be

Erm, well, skiing was cool, I had a couple of "near sit-downs" and one "Oops I seem to be facing up the slope, on my front and have neither ski attached to my feet." Ah well. Anyone else want to come next year? Apres-ski might then turn into more than "Gosh I'm tired, plate of cheese then bed for me!".

Snow was perfect, and even the flight back was only an hour late. Today will mostly be catching up with things.

I too had some strange dreams - some were directed, and others were a bit odd - like the one about the giant moth.

Bleurgh. Now, why did I get up this morning again?
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I really wanted to like it - honest. It was supposedly a more gritty, grown up kind of superhero film with heroes that need painkillers and have scars. Instead it was deeply deeply mediocre.

Yes there were some amusing one-liners "I need a costume!", and plenty of rats (real and CGI) - but it just didn't quite work. The acting was ok - Michael Clarke Duncan worked as the Kingpin (ignoring dire dialogue) but whenever Jennifer Garner smiled I thought there was a risk the lens of the camera would break. Good old Colin Farrell had a real touch of the Oirish about him, and Ben Affleck was ok - but the whole "not looking at people when they're talking and you're blind" thing - I tried that at GD and didn't feel it worked - you still look towards the noise.

I suspect a lot of the "issues" came down to the restriction on the director to deliver a PG-13 in the US, which meant some of the darker elements were only part-explored. But I was genuinely fearful that one bit of "dark" in the film was going to resolve in a happy ending - which thankfully it didn't. Also CGI sfx-actors still look awful to me - worse than blue-screen.

Anyway - from the trailers it looks like a good year for action movies... X2 (looked ok), Matrix 2 and 3 (looked ok also) and Equilibrium (looked like a re-imagining of Farenheit 451 and might be worth a mindless couple of hours). Actually - while I say "Good year for action movies" it might be like "Good year to watch the same wire-fu over and over again".

Spent some time chewing the fat also with Guy - who has given up LRP again. Until the next time I suspect!

All that, and now almost time for 24...
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