March 29th, 2003


Sentiment of the Evening

I'm still awake. My body clock is utterly screwed after getting about 3 hours sleep last night due to nasty coughy thing. In the end I had a huge glass of Baileys which I might have mentioned before.

Anyway - link stolen from zotz. Maybe one day I'll be able to make statements like this :-),3604,919568,00.html

I'm writing on behalf of myself and my wife. This immoral, illegal war is not being waged in our name, yet now we're told we must support "our boys" (Blair appeals for national unity, March 21). What sort of support is it to accept a course of action which places them in such mortal jeopardy?
We wish these service people well; we wish that none of them had to risk being killed or maimed or disfigured or injured; we hope that not one of them ever suffers Gulf war syndrome II, or wakes up screaming, remembering the comrades they lost or the Iraqis they killed.

So to merely wish the troops well is to be disloyal; to wish to put them put in harm's way is to be supportive. This is nonsense; this is the support a noose offers a condemned man and we reject it without reservation.

Not even in the darkest days of Thatcherdom did my wife and I feel so thoroughly ashamed to be British. Because of this, and for whatever it may be worth, we have destroyed our passports and sent the remains to the prime minister's office.
Iain Banks
North Queensferry, Fife
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