April 7th, 2003


Jessica Lynch

Some talk off another blog about Jessica Lynch (pretty, teen, American-as-mother-pie POW) - The Action Movie:

Even if it turns out that the site is indeed about the Miss NYC girl, it does not prove that the Lynch capture was genuine. Think about the official story: A 19-year old female soldier (we must not forget that she was good looking, white, and wanted to be a Kindergarden teacher) whose unit was attacked by the "evil" Iraqi's. They killed all the members of her unit but she fought them until she ran out of ammo (it will probably say somewhere that she killed 20 of her attackers or something outrageous like that). She was captured (though the media worded it "kidnapped") beaten, and possibly raped. But a "kindhearted" Iraqi civillian saw her, drew a map of the building she was being held in, and walked 5 miles to the nearest American soldiers to tell them where she was.
Does this not have Hollywood written all over it? I mean it sounds like a cheesy action movie.

Stuff that has happened

Phew - what a -lazy- weekend.

Didn't do a great deal except deal with a huge backlog of post, and went to Purgatory on Saturday with da posse - which to a fair degree lived up to its name.

Nice curry Sunday night, then got up this morning to discover my promised tickets to go to London hadn't actually arrived, so was forced to pay for my own ticket, and bloody credit card company insisted on further verification of the card - which annoyed the queue of people behind me and made me miss my train! Great! I refused to let this stop me from leaving at normal time mind, even if I did arrive 90 minutes later than I should have...

I've noticed how my posts have become very boring, so in an effort to make them a bit more interesting than just rants about how shit Insurance companies are, I want to go back to something I've noticed before, and is a constant inspiration to me on the way down the M40.

Through Warwickshire, early in the morning, from the heights of the motorway you get the most amazing views of mist over the surrounding fields. Vast expanses of hazy grey, with shadows of trees and the warm sun rising in the sky.

Enough of that... back to spodding and looking forward to Intrusion, though again boglin can't come as she is having "some men come around" (Oooh-err!). Still, lupercal and I can continue "Plan: Get a Guest DJ Slot". Then of course Whitby.

I was asked last night if I'd done a list, started packing or whatever. I laughed - but in some ways it sounded hollow...
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