April 24th, 2003


Thursday Morning

I discovered last night I can't sleep with too many pillows, and that going to bed early sometimes has little point.

However, on the plus side I got to watch Angel 4-19 which was good fun, and finish reading the book I'd started the night before.

Then on the way in this morning I get to listen to Education Secretary Charles Clarke on Radio 4 hinting about the demise of the organisation I work for. Ho hum...

Still, I have an afternoon appointment half-way home so shouldn't be back late.

Plus potentially positive house noises. Not only does rightmove list some ok 1-bed places which lupercal and I could probably squeeze into, but apparently Phil might be intersted in joining us - making 3-beds pratical. Hurrah!
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Post-LRP Jargon

I just recieved an email called "Email Down Time" and rushed to open it expecting something exciting. Instead I got:
Apologies for previous email.
It should have read.
Due to ongoing work there will be no email access between 11:00 Saturday
26th April until 12:00 Sunday 27th April.

Apologies for any inconvenience this will cause.


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