April 27th, 2003


I have seen the face of nu-metal...

... and it's short.

After a brief pop in on boglin to deliver a birthday G&T (1l Gin to 100ml Tonic is the right proportion isn't it?) where it was nice to see a happy boglin, mr_flay, eddy_ and tawdryfilth, it was off to XLs (Birmingham's premier cock-rawk venue) for my visit-of-the-decade.

Unsurprisingly this was a bit poor - though it has changed from the cock-rawk venue it was to some kind of homework club for the under 16s. It was nice for my cough to be in an environment where no-one was old enough to smoke, and I could clearly see the whole of the club over the heads of the average 5'0" punter. I wonder what it'll be like in my next visit which is due in 2010.

We left at about 2:30 (see maleficent we have some drinking past two) after dreamfire and lupercal had exhausted the not-nu-metal room (in the end it was them dancing, the DJ and a rather bored looking member of the bar staff) and pax_draconis had started warming up his laser beam eyes in his excitement to leave. dreamfire then proceeded to almost fall down the stairs in her enthusisasm to ransom her jacket - but then outside the amount of vodka (9 shots apparently) she's drunk emerged as the cause.

I've promised to be nice so I won't mention anything more. No really - see I'm learning discretion ;-)

pax_draconis is hammering on the window - so it must be time to be sociable.
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Today I have mostly been driving...

... but first quizilla...
The Queen
Your are the Evil Queen from Snow White and the
Seven Dwarves. Vanity gets you nowhere...

What Disney Villain are You?
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I'm buying a house shortly, and as part of that I need to find some furniture. Coincidentally the lovely Little Dan's family is trying to dispose of the contents of a house. Unfortunately that house is in Colchester - and part of the contents are in London.

So I did my sums (cost of Van + Petrol vs 2nd Hand Goods purchase, with an karma allowance for recycling over landfill) so hired a van and set off. It's the first time I've driven a van bigger than a minibus (this was a Hi-Top, long wheelbase). and also ended up being the first time I've driven anything through Central London.

Heroically I struggled on - and managed not only avoid killing myself or my passenger (despite one moment of brakeing where the front of the van stopped and the back slid to the right...) but also I transformed from a mild mannered motorist (steady 60 down the M6) to the superhero "White Van Man" on the way back (red-lining coming up the M40).

After all that there was nothing left to do but have a curry, and now sit here, feeling very full...
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