May 18th, 2003



I've just lost the entry I've been writing over the last couple of days, but heh - it was only slightly surreal stuff about women who smell of pears and running cows.

So instead I'll talk about the last 24 hours - which included a lovely party hosted by quondam, a visit to the Tolkein weekend (so mud, tents and field needn't mean LRP any more) with grendelchild and sixtine and after they'd gone, it was off to the cinema to see "To Kill a King" which was very watchable.

Described by one reviewer (or maybe just in my head) as "A Man For All Seasons for the Playstation generation" I feared bullet time, CGI and such like. What we got instead was Dougray Scott who wasn't especially stretched playing the straight/middleman for two "sympathetic psychopaths" played by Tim Roth and Rupert Everett. The former obviously dominated, and even if his role was the greater poor Rupert didn't really stand a chance against such a professional. But don't take my word for it - go see it.

Just de-waxed and washed my robe for next w/e - which is now looking much better thanks to sixtine, and much worse for more personal reasons.
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