May 26th, 2003



Over, done with etc. Generally positive, and some superb moments (thanks especially to sixtine, bellagrim and grendelchild). Muddiest LRP I've done for a few years, but fine company, quite a nice length of event (accepting that all events are a couple of hours too short), my first LRP trial (thankfully short) and probably far too long before pushing onwards into the shadowy realms of diseased imaginations. Many thanks to everyone there.

After both events I've thought "What a stupid character to try and play" after having been abandoned in different places by responsible adults, but nothing quite comes close to the fear of being far too aware of something very unpleasant walking towards you and realising you've backed yourself into a bush...

And today's lesson is "If you want to ruin a pair of contact lenses - squirt fake blood on them which just won't even contemplate coming off..."

Hmm, but the washing machine seems to be making very funny noises during its spin cycle.
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