May 28th, 2003


"The value of your salary can go down as well as up..."

When I started my new job I became quickly aware that my employer, like many similar organisations around the country, was doing an evaluation of all posts, and regrading as appropriate.

This morning I got my letter - which says that apparently I'm worth a G12. Checking on the handy chart tells me that currently I'm a G14 - which means only one thing. Should I still be here in September 2006, my salary will drop by 15-25%. Ho ho ho.

The one caveat on this motivational missive is that salaries are protected until that date - and in the meantime my contract actually runs out in April 2004 - so disaster is hardly imminent. According to my boss it's the ICT staff which have been hardest hit, and the new head of ICT expects to lose 20% of his staff over this process.

But, in other news, I had a very strange dream last night relating to GD. Paul W's character had turned into a vampire and eaten Jude and Anne's PCs. Bit surreal. I think it's pent up frustration.

The other thing I did last night was watch Buffy 7.21 and 7.22 - jolly good fun. No spoilers, but how the BBC are going to manage to show much of that series I have no idea...
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