May 31st, 2003


The Morning After

Out to Edwards last night where the music was frankly rather mediocre. The two new DJs did bits and pieces, but one of them seemed to spend as much time being the only person on the dance floor as spinning the wheels of steel.

Had a nice curry before going out, and met up with ephraim, pax_draconis, Norty and Smitt in the club before meeting r0wan and lupercal. There was a bit of dancing, a bit of slow-mo (which I shall practice!) and then some pouring of booze over ones fellows. This I found most amusing until said booze-covered fellows looked appreciative of a lift home. Car seems to have recovered. pax_draconis 'popped a question' to quondam and hopefully that's a fantastic chance for her, though of course I'm a little jealous (in a good way) ;-)

When I got back to Chez quondam my manliness was challenged by the need to finish the 'upgrade' of her PC to XP - which meant it was 3:45 before bedtime. This morning I got up, decided it was far too hot to even consider doing anything productive, but got up, went to the pet shop for supplies for the little darlings - and now I'm sitting at my computer in someone else's house about to start many hours staring at a computer screen playing silly LAN games. I suspect very little sleep tonight, then off to Macc to see sixtine, bellagrim and grendelchild, followed by not enough sleep before going to Bracknell on Monday for 9am...

In between times I will learn my NWO brief...
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