June 11th, 2003


Still failing...

... I do hope to put something of real content here soon. My head is full of many things that want to get out (some of them might even be interesting to others) but it's finding the time in between doing polls and quizzes like the one below.

Went to Intrusion last night, have some more details for next month's gig (Be There!!!) and managed to win £30 in piercing vouchers, which I gave to fishthecat as he'd said just before he'd like them. Go us!

Had a scan of DM's pictures and am reminded I'll definitely need a new cossie for Rome - details to depend on whether jfs and I come to conclusions on Quaesitori "evening dress" and what "Oh, you'll be there. Perhaps a little scarred, though. Rhine isn't going to be so easy as you might think." actually means.

I have to give a presentation today - and my boss finally emailled me approval and some suggested changes at 6am this morning. Thankfully I had no intention of going straight to the conference and instead had planned to sleep in and go about lunchtime.

Human Virus Scanner
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if known.

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Why I hate LRP...

I think it's perfectly legititmate to hate LRP when you spend most of the way back up the motorway banging your hand on the window and cursing because pieces of the jigsaw you missed at the time suddenly fit perfectly into place.

I'm annoyed with myself. I'll get over it, and on the positive the time to write a debrief is probably now.
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