June 12th, 2003


Looking up...

After last evening's frustration I'm feeling a lot better today. Thanks to people both online and in real life I feel I have prevented a break-down of perspecective, and I'm sure when this little thing I call a debrief is done, and I've shaved, I will be at one with the world again.

Last night, in between scribbling words and phrases like "dithering", "distasteful sycophancy" and "resign", I had perhaps one of the most interesting, rewarding and open MSN conversations to date. Sometimes it really works to relax ones masks, with the help of the semi-anonymising Internet etc. and just chat. Tragically it eventually descended into frotting, but another time I shan't relax that much. Word of yesterday - Neuschwaben.

This morning I went to the opticians to have a check-up and to talk about Contact Lenses (the next element of my midlife crisis) and he gave me the good news that I'm blind enough to get free eye-tests. At least, I am if he writes my prescription in "British Standard Notation". Go me! Saved me the hassle of claiming the costs back from work at least.

So, someone remind me - what's this real world thing about?
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Witless Networks

In the last week of my last job I was asked to get involved in a dispute inside Somerset County Council about Wireless Networks. Today (some months on) it is clearly a slow news day - as the issue has made The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/69/31143.html)

On one of the newsgroups I read some smart cookie has suggested that pupils to wear one of these for IT lessons...

Nice. Nothing like my school uniform was mind.
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