June 14th, 2003



I thought that last night I would drive to Royston Vasey, have a chat and come home. Then quondam - post pop-quiz - decided she'd drive back so when pax_draconis said "Red Wine?" I said "Yes".

I'm not the worlds greatest drinker, and I don't like Red Wine, so when at 1am this morning I was quite pissed and quite something-elsed I was as shocked as you gentle reader.

Still, it was a fine evening of frottage, and contrary to his own lj, pax_draconis didn't look too much like Baron Harkonnen - it was when he got overenthusiastic and floating from the floor cackling manically that people started to talk.

The last part of the evening is vague, I remember having declaring loudly being a "100% Heterosexual Man (for purposes of mortgage)" (probably the same one that makes me a non-smoker), getting too-close-for-my-sanity to a plush Cthulhu, and sleeping most of the way home in the car.

Apologies to ephraim, jimfer and mrcook for what I might have said and done...
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