June 28th, 2003



Birmingham, for a major city, has always suffered from a lack of certain essentials - for years it didn't have a mid-sized venue for example - and now it's teetering on the edge of not having a decent Friday night out.

Of course I might not have started things off terribly well by pouring most of a pint of Guiness over myself, the table and the sofa - but at least it provided amusement to ephraim, mrcook, pax_draconis, probablyscotty and the Darling Boy - but after this excitement we were forced to pay attention to the music which soon elicited derision from our corner (actually that might a nice name for a club - "Derision").

The first half of the evening was frankly a bit dull - some of what I call "bedroom" tracks - like a Front 242 mix which is very interesting but not terribly dance worthy - even by 11:30 there were few people actually having a bop. Soon things did become popular once the "Sounds like VNV Covenant Assemblage23 ..." tracks were flowing thick and fast, then for the last bit got very trad (when I wrote down "New Model Army" on the request list I wasn't actually expecting any!) and was "Sounds like the Rosetta Sisters of Type O Nephilim" ((c) mr_tom). A lovely final half track which had at least 5 people on the dance floor - The Witch - ephraim, eddy_, tawdryfilth, ephraim and me - before the lights were put on and I was forced to retreat.

Still, pax_draconis had his Electronaut, and I had 15 Minutes of Fame during which I managed to cripple some poor girl by treading on her shins, step on a bouncer and cause Guy to flee the dance floor by not taking it seriously enough.

So - is it time to find another night out? Not sure quite yet, but it's not far off the point where I stay home a bit later... but that depends on whether they stick to a pattern. Barrie could always be relied on to do "Ok-Crapdancehour-Okish"; so if these peeps get a schedule I might just be able to work with it. Mind you if I did decide to change - what's the choice? XLs where the average punter is 12?

I did giggle twice - once when pax_draconis thought he was being hit on whereas actually it was someone who knew him from LRP, and the second when spotting the sign on the downstairs room "No Under 18s in this room" - what are kiddies supposed to be doing in the bloody club anyway?!
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