June 29th, 2003


Sore Arse

I've got a very sore arse today. Mainly due to deciding yesterday that bicycle is the best way around Birmingham in this weather. Oh how I regret it.

Still, I am recently returned from being on my bike to see Nicholas Nickleby at the local picture house which was amusing enough. I'm not a Dickens afficionado - but it was an amusing enough romp, though I wonder whether Dickens really meant for me to think that at any moment Nicholas and Smike were going to start playing tonsil tennis...

Most of the cast was fantastic, especially "Dame Edna Everage as Mrs Crummles" and Alan Cumming who were both their scene-stealing selves. Also some of the accents were a bit dodgy - Charlie Hunnam looked far too tanned and sounded far too Mancunian for the "Devonshire lad" and lets be honest is no Olivier...

Still, diverting enough - and one advantage of cycling - I got "beeped" at yesterday by a couple of lads while on my bike. I can only blame my long flowing locks as they sped away when they could tell what sex I was ;-)

Bloody annoyed with SINERGYLarp mind.
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