July 20th, 2003


Very tired

Went to Nottingham last night to Guy's House Warming Party, and was able to chuckle at LARPers I've not seen for a while, then order too much pizza (remainder of which I've just had for lunch). In the car on the way back I was reminded that as well as agreeing to an 8.5mile "fun" run, I've agreed to try a half-marathon this year. quondam has prepared me a rapid training schedule which seems to involve taking my running shoes to Switzerland and to Omega. Apparently the first run after coming back from Switzerland is easy cos of the oxygen thing, and at least we're not going in "ice" season - as normally in Saas Fee I have trouble staying upright walking in boots.

So, today I woke, comment about prostate cancer, went to the cinema on my bike (2.1 miles), watched Charlies Angels (review below), cycled back, dumped the bike, refilled my water bottle and ran a slow steady 4 miles. Now tired.

As to Charlies Angels I have to admit I quite enjoyed it. Very cheesy, not exactly a deep and intellectually challenging plot, but it was a lot of fun. McG might have a bloody stupid name, but he knows how to make music videos - and the music was generally used very well throughout. As a series of set-pieces-to-music I felt it was close to the Matrix - that is the first film which was slick and well produced without being too obviously up its ass, rather than the second which was a rehash and suffered a little from "If they like xxx - let's give them more and make it longer" - without music that was as good IMO, though I've not done the soundtrack albums to death yet.

Of course also got to see the trailer for "Eyeliner of the Caribbean" - nice to see they didn't waste any money on Johnny Depp's accent (other than to hire Dick Van Dyke) or giving Orlando Bloom acting lessons. Pretty though, and the pirates looked cool.

Bleurgh. Need more liquid intake.
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