July 23rd, 2003


Cute Quizilla

Your weasel is the Marbled Polecat!
Your weasel is the Marbled Polecat. Never heard of
them? Well, they're beautiful, live in northern
Asia and are very rare. Did we mention the good
Good news: A rather attractive and unique looking
mustelid. All the bluster of the big boys but
much finer outfitting.
Bad news: Well, no one has heard of you for a
REASON. You're endangered, buddy, like a lot of
other weasels. You just don't get the press
those darn prarie ferrets get.

Which weasel are you?
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Wednesday night

Run to football, play football in the rain, run home. Watch Ultimate Farce. What a great life...

On the plus side Rob's agreed to give me a lift to Oxford on Friday so I don't have to drive - go me!
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