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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Successfully added about 4 miles to the running tally last night. Hamstring still being a bit hurty, which wasn't helped by my crap navigation which ended up with me running up a dual carriageway on the vergem before scrambling up the side of a bridge and jumping a fence to get back where I wanted. Partly kept going by "A3 - Mao Tse Tung Said", the product of mp3 swapping with venta.

Yesterday I got up too early to give grendelchild a lift to work. This meant I was up at 5am and in Abingdon by 7am which is frankly too early. Dropped my car off at the garage, and picked up a courtesy Ka. Needless to say when I went into town in the evening I took the bus...

Went to see Good Bye Lenin! at the Phoenix in Oxford last night with fishthecat after ice cream with uberredfraggle. The film is excellent and I'd heartily recommend it. It's slightly critical of sentimentality, is generally thought provoking and very funny. Perhaps a little long (just over 2 hours) but it doesn't feel like it as it toddles along at a decent pace.

In other news have finally managed to get Half-Life working here - so I will be able to join in the KHCC training missions on a Monday night. We'd better watch it or we'll be in a league next...

Better get to work now I guess, in time to go out to lunch...

Current Mood: awake

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