August 8th, 2003


This morning was brought to you...

... by sweat and Laibach.

I was supposed to run 6 miles yesterday, but after an extra hour on the train back from London, some extending wrestling with a database which made no sense I kinda got distracted in a positive way and did some photo-manipulation, which I won't post here as dreamfire says one of them is less than flattering.

Still I'm feeling like being increasingly creative - which can only be good for me and bad for my friends who will be forced to smile and nod.

So instead I bounced up this morning and started it about 7:30. Wasn't actually all that bad - though I thought it was going to be miserable when Laibach crashed my iPod about 100m in - but I resurrected it fortunately after inspiration about 1.5 miles later. I might try Rammstein another time - but who knows what it might do for my running posture, or perhaps I'll subconsiously head off for Poland.

Other than that, off to Omega later. I'm supposedly shirking from home today so won't be leaving until about 2pm - which I think says something either about my enthusiasm, or at least my relative enthusiasm between it and potentially skiing later in the year.

So 6 miles today, 4.5 in the much hotter Tuesday - go me!

Special mention for "beyond the call of duty" to pax_draconis who not only said sensible things earlier in the week but had me terribly excited (No - not like that!) early yesterday morning.
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