August 13th, 2003



I sense the rest of today is going to be filled with more bloody questions - mind you people seem to want them off me so "Go me!".

Great night last night - I wasn't blown-away by the music as much as I was in the past, but I think partly it was because I was hot bothered and tired, and fascinated by costume ideas for NWO. So "shouts" out to the usual suspects, esp uberredfraggle and fishthecat who had to put up with lupercal and I yabbering on about Omega for ages...

Also nice to finally meet venta in the flesh, though she did agree that my Pirate-Pooh LJ icon is cuter then the real me. Then once I was home and asleep I had a very strange dream about running some kind of race with quondam, boglin and most oddly pax_draconis. I think somebody must be tampering with the mind control satellites.

I guess I should be in work by now...
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Crazy but realistic - Help Needed!

I could put this in a poll - but I frankly can't be bothered.

As a follow-up to my Fear post of the other week, and the lack of challenge in my life (other than the half-marathon) I'm asking you, the LJ-masses, to suggest to me things I might do which are exciting, different and challenging.

quondam has already done jumping out of a plane - but something along those lines perhaps.

Go on - use your imagination. If ideas are interesting enough I'll even try and do them...
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