August 18th, 2003


Moves are afoot...

As expected it looks like over the next couple of months my office will be moving - from the current location basically on the M40 to a delightful (not!) location right in the centre of Oxford.

This will bring a number of trials and tribulations - not least of which how I decide to get to work The obvious thing to do will be to get the train down from Birmingham - probably about 2 hours door to door (1:15 now - but driving into Oxford will probably add an additional 15-20 minimum) but time should be more usefully spent working or reading rather than trying to avoid HGVs.

Problems will start around car parking - there won't be any - so the days of "Sure, I'll come and visit - give me 30 minutes" will turn into "Sure, I'll come and visit - give me 20 minutes to get back to the car, then 40 minutes to get to you". Efficiency eh!

Ignoring the fact that working near an HMV/Waterstones/... will cost me a bloody fortune...
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Stuck in my head

Funny old day so far - I'm vaguely trying to pull stuff I've written (for work) together, staring at the route map for this evening's sojourn, praying for rain and still unable to get this track out of my head.

When I first recognised it being played at Intrusion last week I was surprised to hear it being played in public - but found it strangely engaging - now it won't go away. Forget the later albums, and the majority of 'singles' tracks - I really quite rate Mr Reznor's ballads. That of course is no invitation to play Bon Jovi et al. in my presence.
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