August 20th, 2003


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From captainweasel - Anyone for Nosferatu on Friday 26th September?

Had a lovely couple of days - a good run on Monday (even if it was a mile short of what I was planning to do - catch up to play tonight), and a superb evening of muppetry with the lads.

Yesterday went with uberredfraggle to "Uffington Castle, White Horse and Dragon Hill" where we watched the sun go down before heading off to the Blowing Stone Inn for a spot of dinner. Lovely - excepet for the guilt I felt watching some nutter running up, around, and down said hill.

Apparently the Blowing Stone is a stone you blow (no surprises there!) and can be heard for miles around. Thought to have been used in times of war to summon troops, someone has done a CD of an original composition they've blown (so it said in the pub).

And now I'm in work - too early and already bored...
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Your colours wrapped around

I've noticed that a number of people, perhaps even more bored than me, have been colour-coding their friends lists. So, my question to you all is "what and why"? Why am I lilac, or brown, or whatever?

Just interested - there will be no retaliatory colouring of people puce...

And the other important question...

More me?

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