October 20th, 2003


iTunes Response

First let me start by saying I've downloaded iTunes, and it's ok. I'm not sure I want to marry it and have its babies... but here's an interesting comment taken from The Register about comparing Apple and Microsoft monopolies, as M$ start complaining.

"Perhaps, Macintosh owners are collectively suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, because under the jackboot of this proprietary computer systems company, they don't look such an unhappy lot."
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(no subject)

You know I quite dislike vets. It's not the fault of the vet him or herself - I just don't like leaving animals there. It makes me sad.

Silly Nourishing Rat has managed to remove all her stitches. I suspect this might be down to how fat she is as well as her picking at them, but still the downside is she's had to go back to the vet, under another anaesthetic (which is the dangerous stage) then be sewn (or indeed as the vet suggested today "stapled") back up again.

It doesn't make me very happy because of the risk - but I don't see what choices there are. She had the first op because she had a tumour; she has this op in order to ensure she heals up well without infection. Poor thing. I just hope she pulls through. Logic is no comfort at a time like this.

I should go out for a run - it'll clear my head a little bit or at least distract me a bit.


[Edit: 19:30 - The vet has called - she's had the op and has woken up. Seems to be doing ok. Lucky he didn't get offended by her pissing on him when he picked her up earlier eh!]
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(no subject)

It has gone from the drive. I am no longer in possession of my own car. pax_draconis has taken Porridge away and promised to be well behaved.

I hope he realised I was joking when I said it had complained about missing the inside of a bodyshop.
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