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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Whitby was fun. I dressed up in ways I did not think possible, and was introduced to the concept of make-up outside LRP.

Photos etc. maybe later depending on how much the preview audience laugh at them.

The only thing I kinda regret is losing my temper with berrega a bit. I still think he's wrong, and a tw*t when he's been drinking, but it's 50-50 as to whether I should have walked off.

Now very tired, and feel like I've been hit around the head with a block of 2'x4' thanks to illness - unless somehow this is a hangover caused by two bottles of Smirnoff Ice on Sunday night while I was lined up as the cabaret for boglin.

Feeling very happy with myself after a couple of good runs (3 miles and 8 miles) - with boglin, ant_girl and mister_ed. Next time - t-shirts.

Of course I can now relax - not - and appreciate the fact that I've wasted £15 on train tickets tomorrow I'm now not going to use, my iPod is with nyarbaggytep (I hope) and after a brief pitstop here in Birmingham I'm going to Oxford for three days.

Current Mood: pretty

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