January 20th, 2004



I've done it again!

Seems to be the usual story - come back from holiday, forget to reset time on phone, get up at 4am in error!

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Questions, Questions

How much is a mobile number worth?

My last 12 month contract is up, so I can change provider etc, or otherwise pressure my current provider into giving me a new shiny phone.

In the spirit of Ticky Box - a Poll.
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After Phone Hell, Job Hell...

Earlier this week I had the chance to look at, and adapt the job description for the job-that-is-being-written-for-me-but-at-the-same-time-not. This was good - even past the point where someone I considered would not be a competitior for it told me it was better money than he was on... opening all sorts of potential hell.

Then today my current employer offered me a 12 Month extension. I said "qualified yes" - if only so I have a job to resign if this grand plan doesn't come off. Now the quandry, which I'm not going to bother to Ticky Box, is whether I should take the extension - or attempt to freelance a bit and hope for something longer term and more local to come along.

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