January 22nd, 2004


There can be only one!

I've noticed over the past couple of years that I have a big problem with hats.

Being a man of a certain age, and a certain sophistication I have taken to perching an item of clothing on top of my head in order to allow me to survive the rigours of the British winter. Contrary to the school of thought that suggests underpants are the garment most suited for this purpose, I've preferred to use a hat.

Unfortunately I keep losing them - and indeed it often seems to me that there can only be one in my life at once. This week, the week in which I discover that the NMA shop has back-stock of nice hats (as opposed to the current "not so nice" ones), I've managed to lose my trusty M&S hat (2003 vintage). It might be about - I can place cleaning my monitor with it on Tuesday, but it's possible I lost it either in Sainsbury's or on the bus. It might be at Chez Oxford but my search yesterday gave me no joy.

Oh well, I guess I'll go and get another one - I'm sure if it does turn out to be a spare (if the other one re-emerges) it will have use in the end - and they're not much more expensive than an M&S lunch.


Also, last night I went to see Lost in Translation. I held off this long posting about it while I work out if I liked it or not. I'm still not sure. On the plus side it was interesting and encouraged over-analysis due to an implied depth. On the downside it was ponderous, didn't go anywhere and encouraged over-analysis due to an implied depth. Go and see it if you're tempted - and make your own mind up.

20 word review:

Risk being up own arse; Coppola ego trip, contrasts with Last Samurai by having tall western actor. Still not sure.

Minimal talking though - however I did glare at the middle aged ladies behind me to shut them up at one point. No prizes for pointing out how long I actually gave up going to the cinema for.

Also, getting details for a job in Lancaster. I'm told this is somewhere north of Manchester, yet south of Scotland.
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