January 30th, 2004


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Phew - things have been moving.

A generally pleasant week - highlights of which present below:
  • Being blanked by my old boss at a soiree last Tuesday. I hold my head up high, he turns and dips so as to avoid my gaze. I win!

  • Doing the application form for the Lancaster job. Each one needs less edits so if nothing else my english is improving over time. Not sure I could cope with the domestics, but heh!

  • Getting an update on the "inside" job - adverts within the next two weeks apparently.

  • A very good meeting with a school during the week - not because of what was said in detail - but I really enjoyed disarming a hostile environment and turning it positive. Then I ran away from the internal disagreements which I'm likely to have started.

  • Refusing to let a dribble of snow get in the way of getting on with the day. To all those who didn't make it into work in my area - lightweights!

  • Entering the LarpList 2004 Photo Awards. We'll see how we go with that. I'm never optimistic but I did discover a nice photo of the Pennington I'd forgotten (here).

  • Getting very, very, very bored with the tedium surrounding the Hutton Report. Ok - I can see that it's all very important and stuff, but I refuse to worry too much that I can't actually do anything about. I shall continue to believe there is a better way, and campaign in my own little way to improve society but...

God that sounds dull. I'd better go and find a life. Or at least tidy up a bit so my pit of boredom and despair is habitable.
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People vs Jeffrey Archer

One for boglin

From The Register

Well, we do like to do our bit, and have just been alerted to a new charitable initiative in which an anonymous young woman aims to raise a cool £2m by running in April's London Marathon.

What's interesting about this is that said athlete (an IT professional, our sources confirm) is motivated by the desire to outdo perjuring peer Jeffrey Archer in the sponsorship stakes.

The highly-talented Archer, who is variously author, former London mayoral candidate and inside expert on the British penal system, has declared he will raise £1.66m, thereby breaking the record for a marathon sponsorship drive.

"Why should Jeffrey Archer hijack the London Marathon for his own personal glory? Surely the British people deserve better. He is trying to raise £1.66 million for charity and break the record for the largest charity sum raised for a marathon. If just 1 million people donated £2 each, then we could raise £2 million, and with a bit of luck we'll never have to hear from him again."

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