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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Excellent night out last - even if I did break my promise and keep dozing off on the way back up the M40. Still, at least I wasn't driving.

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Enough rambling - I have been blessed this morning by my first valentines card in a fair few years, and a lovely little book on being superior. Now if only I could work out who it was from ;-)

Oh, and a job interview in Lancaster. This is very good - especially as I was starting to worry a little. When in my appraisal last week we were talking about credibility - and when asked what I needed to get on - I said "to be 10 years older" I was only half joking - and do wonder how much my age does in fact count against me in terms of "getting grown-up jobs". The only downside of the interview is that it's on a Wednesday. This is most inconvinient in terms of fitting a week in Oxford around it. Plus I'm not sure I have any leave left....

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