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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
ebay is not for those of limited self-control.
  1. Identify nice shiny gadget

  2. Enter random string of numbers

  3. Curse own stupidity

  4. Hope to be outbid

  5. Enjoy sense of relief when outbid

  6. Goto (2)
Who knows how much poorer I'll be by the end of the week. Fortunately grendelchild is saving me from wasting spending too much money at the moment by refusing to give it to me.

Today has been dull, though the weekend was fun. Spent Saturday night bouncing up and down with Ben (WINOLJ) while quondam, bacony and grendelchild did something else downstairs. naughtywhitecat sulked because he was left at home.

My boss phoned me today and told me something had to be done by the end of this week and he was only in today and tomorrow. I said "Right - what do I need to do?". "Nothing" he said "Other than make sure the envelopes get packed on Friday". Wow - I'm the most overpaid secretary in the county clearly.

Current Mood: nervous nervous

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