February 26th, 2004


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Still loads of photos to play catch-up with - see the cut below.

No phonecall about yesterday which makes me be pessimistic, but I refuse to get too bothered about it. I critqued my interview style after the event - and am happy that I can improve another time.

Last night, on my way back from Lancaster, I popped in to see the glorious Pennington. I was disappointed he is not surrounded by the trappings of the PROFESSIONAL LRP organiser - no 4x4, expensive gadgets, etc. - all rather humdrum. Nice to see he's still very enthusiastic, and that the online booking is being a success. And ate pizza.

This morning I had to be in Hay on Wye for 10am. This involved me getting the train from Birmingham to Oxford, then getting a car and driving to Hay. With the help of Virgin Trains I got there at 12pm. Rowlocks. Then the odd light flake of snow started getting worse. Mind you, I got coffee and lunch, and they were very pleasant people.

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