March 1st, 2004


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Phew. Relief. No decision to make. Should I now get offended about having not been offered it ;-)

Amusing faux-pas from the chap who called me - he implied pretty heavily it was an inside job - it went to someone with "more experience in the an LA".

Now, to continue with a good day I have a rude phone call to Halifax to make...
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Review - Resident Evil





Not actually very good really.

In other news, new photo competition coming up here

Last few days generally pretty top. Went some places and did some stuff. Various people's moods affecting me a bit, and I end up wishing more of the world was happy - again. More jobs on the go - expect more stress and angst, but for now...

But someone tell me this - can pax_draconis have a conversation without mentioning LARP or certain naturally endowed "musical" instruments?

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