March 3rd, 2004


Blasts from the past

Interesting who you find on LiveJournal - a couple of people I'd almost forgotten, and in both cases don't think my life has suffered as a result. I suppose this means I'm moving on and almost completely vaccinated against the **.

Not a huge amount to report, and I can't even put anymore photos up at the moment as no ftp from work. I'm still remarkably chilled about the last job, and now just need to sort it out so the weakness they pointed out is rectified for the future. Plus I know where to blag better.

Yesterday morning was lightened up by admiring young scantily clad student legs standing outside their college wearing not-much-more-than towels while the fire-alarm bell chimed in the background.

This morning is much less interesting.
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Viewing Pleasure

Despite just having read venta's wonderful variation on the box-meme I can still just about manage some enthusiasm for the latest entry of drivel.

Last night, with the delightful-provider-of-choccy uberredfraggle I risked School of Rock. This was, surprisingly quite amusing - of course many of the jokes were, being of a RAWK bent, completely over my head - but the other 4 people in the audience were very helpful in telling me when to laugh at Jack Black laughing at himself being laughed at by us.

It was either that or Dogville - which looked a little bit testing for after a day at work.

This evening I made an awful mistake - Attack of the Clones on Sky Movies. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Still - if I wanted to be a videogame designer it would be helpful "Martial Arts Level", "Flight Level", "Platform Level", "RTS Level", "Maiming Level", "Singalonga Awful Love Lines Level" and so on.

I'm hoping to be rescued very shortly by Garth Marenghi, and for the moment have Jon Culshaw on ITV. Russell Crowe will never recover in my eyes. And Eddie Large as Clare Short - almost inspired.

Oh, and looking back at my LJ - a year ago it seems quondam was trying to kill me in a snowmobile. Seems like only yesterday.

Looking at the photos I'm including today - I wonder if I'm turning into a sociopath. Writing "kill... maim... destroy..." whenever one of your colleagues at a meeting speaks is probably not normal. Or maybe what is not normal is recording it for posterity.

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