March 14th, 2004


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Phew - I'm exhausted. I'm just about fit enough for holidays but having to read ~800 LJ posts (and that's the custom filtered group) leaves me with little energy left.

So that was the ski season (probably). At one point I was having a conversation about bouncing during ski school ("Ooop! Down! Keep zee rhythm") which reached the conclusion that if you fall over and get back up again then you're ok. It's when you can't, or are so old that you need a little rest each time that you worry.

Well, based on a sample of a few little sit downs and a couple of accelerating down piste on front I can conclude I'm still young. Go me!

Snow was superb, company excellent, too much cheese and a rather poor selection of German music channels which seemed mainly devoted to R'n'B. More extensive research was done into charter airlines - which still suck - if you average out both flights I had the right number of vegetarian meals - it's just there was none on the way out, and two on the way back.

I might be more lucid later, but in the meantime some photos from the last 9 days, and in order to jump on the latest meme - "Leave a comment and I will tell you one thing I like about you. "

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Ok, having taken criticism on my alleged-alteration of the last meme - here's a variation.

Leave a comment here and I'll tell you something I don't like about you...

Fireproof suits ahoy!
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