March 16th, 2004



I started thinking earlier that I've not put much on my LJ recently in the way of musings. There's been a lot of recording events in text and image, but nothing that was really just me. I wasn't sure what to say.

Then, there was amazon.

Oh amazon, how I used to love thee.

The story goes something like this. I place order with amazon. I then decide "Actually I don't mind paying for First Class delivery" so I go and change the order. Immediately the amazon system resets its clock. So instead of expecting delivery early next week I have allegedly to wait another 1-2 weeks.

I'm a bit bemused about this - surely their system can cope with alterations - and actually count from when the item was ordered, rather than a rather crude method of calculation. In the meantime I shall shop around...

Still, job interview next week. Maybe if I don't talk a lot about it it'll go better!
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